Marcus Buaiz makes a trip after signing a divorce with Wanessa Camargo: ‘Only for men’

Marcus Buaiz signed the divorce this Friday (13), after 17 years of relationship with Wanessa Camargo. But anyone who thinks he was “enjoying a cesspool” after ending the marriage is wrong. The businessman, who spoke for the first time recently about the latest controversies, traveled to Santa Catarina accompanied by his children, José Marcus, 10 years old, and João Francisco, 7.

+ Wanessa Camargo and Marcus Buaiz establish a clause to escape controversy in divorce. know more

Marcus and the children went by private jet to Penha, a municipality in Santa Catarina located 115 km from the capital. The destination was one of the most popular amusement parks in Brazil, Beto Carrero World. Still on the plane, the businessman filmed the little ones excited about the ride.

According to Contigo!, Marcus even divided the tasks well among the boys to organize. “As the trip is only for men, each one will have a role: one will wash dishes, another will cook food and another will take care of the bags. Closed? I make the food“, joked the businessman.


One of the main clauses defined in the divorce signed this Friday (13) was related to child custody. According to a column by Leo Dias, in Metrópoles, Wanessa and Marcus opted for the shared custody system.

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