Marcus Buaiz gets a phoenix tattoo after separation from Wanessa Camargo

On the morning of this Thursday (23/06), the entrepreneur Marcus Buaiz decided to get another tattoo on his body and shared the moment through a video on his social networks. Marcus, who recently split from the singer Vanessa Camargowith whom he stayed for 17 years, made a drawing of a phoenix, a bird that symbolizes rebirth, on his back.

In the video shared on his Instagram Stories, the businessman appears shirtless, while tattoo artist Akemi Higashi performs the art. So far, he has not shared the result of the tattoo to his followers on the social network.

Recently, Wanessa Camargo celebrated the 8th birthday of her son, João Francisco, without the presence of Marcus Buaizsharing the records of the moment on social networks.

Through stories, on Instagram, the singer published records next to the boy during the congratulations. The theme for the party was soccer, taking advantage of the World Cup atmosphere.

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