Marco Pigossi reports the pain of having lived years hiding his sexual orientation: ‘I felt a panic at being discovered gay’

In an interview with the magazine “Piauí”, Marco Pigossi spoke about his process of coming out as a homosexual. In the story, the actor also discusses the years he spent hiding his sexual orientation and the challenges he had to face until the photo published on November 25, alongside boyfriend Marco Calvani.

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In the interview, Marco Pigossi says that teve an eight year hidden relationship with a boy while living in Brazil. According to the actor, going out with his boyfriend terrified him because of the fear of being discovered by the public and that it would affect his career.

“The paranoia meant that a simple trip to the movies with my partner, something trivial in the routine of a couple, was preceded by a lot of anguish. I asked friends to come with us, just to avoid being seen alone in the company of another man. It was a constant internal conflict: I couldn’t let fear overtake me, I had to go to the movies, but at the same time, I felt panic at being discovered gay,” he explains.

Marco Pigossi also tells that, once, when he landed from the plane on a trip from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, he read a coded note stating that he was having an affair with an actor with whom he was acting opposite. The actor involved in the news was Rodrigo Simas.

The news caused a panic crisis so much so that her boyfriend at the time had to take a plane and pick him up at the airport bathroom. At other times, the actor has also had to explain certain statements about his sexual orientation.

Marco Pigossi distances himself from his family because of sexual orientation

In the interview, Marco Pigossi explains that the election year worsened his relationship with his father, Oswaldo Pigossi, who he is a voter of Bolsonaro.

“After all, Bolsonaro was the guy who said he’d prefer a dead child to a gay child. That gay is the result of lack of spanking. That it’s not good to rent a house to a gay man because it devalues ​​the property. I’ve always had difficulty understanding how a father is chooses to vote for a politician who insults his own son so viscerally.” My father and I didn’t speak during election year—and to this day we have only sporadic contacts. My father is an affectionate, sensitive guy. I’m the first gay man he’s dealt with. Little by little, I hope he learns to deal naturally,” he wishes.

Marco Pigossi fell in love with actresses with whom he starred

Over the years, Marco says he fell in love with two actresses with whom he starred: Sophie Charlotte and Fabíula Nascimento, with whom he was caught kissing in a bar, became involved with the actor.

In 2017, the artist signed with Netflix as a way to explore new horizons, both professional and personal.

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“I wanted to open international markets, have the experience of playing other types of characters, study more. In my head, I thought it would be less painful to come out gay and work as an actor living in another country.”

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