Marcelo Tinelli will not be in the Martín Fierro 2022: the reasons

In the last hours it was known that Marcelo Tinelli will not attend the Martín Fierro Awards gala 2022, which will be next Sunday at the Hilton Hotel with a Telefe broadcast and Marley hosting. According to the information that came to light, the driver is outside. Besides, He is finalizing the details for his return to television.

pia shaw stated that the reason for Tinelli’s absence has to do with his recent separation from Guillermina Valdésafter 9 years of relationship and a son in common, Lawrence. The panelist indicated in “THE M” what Luis Ventura confirmed that the father of Cande and Mica Tinelli was not going to be present at the APTRA ceremony.

Marcelo Tinelli would not go to the Martín Fierro due to his separation from Guillermina Valdés.

Everyone in the studio they theorized that former president of San Lorenzo decided to miss the event because of the breakup with her partner. The one who made the decision was Guillermina. She was jealous of the relationship between Marcelo and her children,” commented Yanina Torreswho also mentioned that the model had a bad relationship with her previous partner, Sebastian Ortega.

Angel of Brito, He revealed that he communicated with both, and that both the presenter and the businesswoman gave very brief answers. “I’m not going to say anything out of respect for both, but we’re doing great,” Tinelli said. For his part, Valdés commented by message to De Brito: “We parted on very good terms and you know how much we love each other.”

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