Marcelo Tinelli and an emotional birthday video for his son Francisco

Francisco Tinelli He celebrated his 25th birthday with his closest family and friends. Was Marcelo Tinelli who prepared a surprise for him as soon as 12 midnight passed. Through social networks, the driver who a few weeks ago he had to say goodbye to one of his daughters who went to live in Europe He shared details of the celebration.

In the video, the driver carries a chocotorta with a candle stuck in the center, to the rhythm of happy birthday. In addition, during the emotional moment were present “lolo” and candethat comes from a tough dispute with his dad’s ex Guilermina Valdes

The tribute video that he made Marcelo to Fran Tinelli

Then, he posted a story with a black and white image with his son, hugging and smiling. “I’m going to sleep with this photo of the birthday boy, whom I love with my soul”held tinellivery excited. For many more laughs and shared moments”, closed the businessman.

The photo published by Tinelli for his son Fran

Away from the media and enjoying the family, that’s how he is tinelli today, beyond the financial dispute you are facing with your ex-partner Guillermina Valdes.

To close, and showing the emotion and nostalgia he felt, Marcelo shared a retro photo with Paula Robles, Fran’s mother.

Paula Robles, Fran and Marcelo Tinelli

Paula Robles, Fran and Marcelo Tinelli

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