Marcelo Gama, the Marc Anthony fan who fell in love with Dayanara Torres

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Dayanara Torres maintains a relationship with the famous producer Marcelo Gama. The former beauty queen She has given love a second chance and, although she tries to be very reserved about her love life, you can tell she is very happy with her new partner.

The identity of the new couple Dayanara Torres It was made known by mistake of the host Jorge Pabón, better known as Mollusco, of the radio station “La Mega” in Puerto Rico. Despite this leak, it seems that nothing has changed between the lovers, who try to keep their romance away from the spotlight and from social networks.

Although they are discreet, in Marcelo Gama’s profile there are some clues that speak more about who he is, his passions and of course, he reveals a little more about the man who fell in love with the beautiful Miss Universe 1993. Among some curiosities we can see that he new boyfriend of Dayanara Torres was previously a fan of Marc Anthony.

Dayanara Torres is a Puerto Rican model who was crowned Miss Universe in 1993 and married Marc Anthony in 2000 (Photo: Dayanara Torres/ Instagram)
Dayanara Torres is a Puerto Rican model who was crowned Miss Universe in 1993 and married Marc Anthony in 2000 (Photo: Dayanara Torres/ Instagram)


Marcelo Gama was a fan of Marc Anthony before he became Dayanara Torres’s new boyfriend. The identity of the famous producer has been leaked on the radio station “La Mega” and since then the public and the press have searched his past to find out details about him.

Through his social networks we can know that Marcelo Gama is of Brazilian origin and is a renowned television producer and director. In the most recent years of his career, he has worked with Univision, helping to produce award ceremonies such as the Latin Grammys and Premios Juventud.

Gama has also collaborated in the production of programs such as “Mira Quién Baila” (MQB). In addition, she worked on MQB 2017, where she could have met Dayanara, because it was just in that edition that she was crowned the winner of the program.

What is striking on Marcelo Gama’s social networks is that he was an admirer of the work of Marc Anthony, ex-husband of Dayanara Torres. The producer was in charge of the opening of “Latin Grammy 2019” in which the salsero shared the stage with Bad Bunny and Will Smith.

On his Instagram profile, Gama has a post about the opening ceremony of the awards, of which he claimed to be very proud. Although they are not close or best friends, it is very likely that Marc has it on his radar as well.

Intimate details of Marcelo Gama

As for his most personal facet, Marcelo likes motorcycles. On the family side, Dayanara’s boyfriend has a 21-year-old son named Nick, who is an accomplished soccer player.

The beauty queen’s boyfriend is also an entrepreneurial man, since he has his own company Thinking Lion Corp, which is dedicated to the creation and production of content.



Dayanara Torres took the crown of Miss Universe 1993 at just 18 years old, defeating the representatives of Colombia (Paula Andrea Betancur Arroyave) and Venezuela (Milka Yelisava Chulina Urbanich) first and second runner-up, respectively.

After receiving the crown, he rose to international fame and his name became known in various parts of the world. The Puerto Rican has remembered for the portal “El Vocero” that moment that changed her life and here we tell you the details.MORE DETAILS HERE

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