Marcelo Gallardo and Alina Moine separated: how is the relationship with Geraldine La Rosa

Marcelo Gallardo Y Alina Moine they would have starred in a long romance, despite the fact that there was never confirmation by the protagonists. Rumors suggested that they left despite the marital status of River’s coach, who is still with Geraldine The Rosehis wife and mother of his children.

As reported in “Show Partners”, there was discomfort in the journalist’s environment due to the attitude that the former player had with her. Everything indicates that he would have promised her on different occasions to distance himself from his partner, although he finally did not.

In the last hours, Luli Fernandez referred to the subject and detailed that Alina Moine decided to put an end to the story between the two. In addition, the model clarified that they had planned a trip to Paris together to see the Champions League final, although in the end she did not accompany him. “He decided, since he already had the days requested on ESPN, to go to Bariloche”he detailed.

Alina Moine, linked to Marcelo Gallardo.

With respect to Geraldine The Rosewife Marcelo Gallardoadded: “The marriage is broken. They are not divorced yet, but they are separated”. The sentimental situation Alina Moine remains an unknown even after being linked to Martín Bossi.

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