Marcella Fogaça celebrates 1 year of twins and gets emotional: "victory and overcoming"

Marcella Fogaça moved to celebrate the twins’ first year of life, Sophia and Pietraon social networks, and reported the outburst after difficulties during pregnancy, this Tuesday (10/05).

Marcella published, on her Instagram, a text in which she talked about her pregnancy and the birth of her daughters, fruits of her relationship with Joaquim Lopes: “May 10th. When I found out I was pregnant, this was the DPP (probable date of delivery) that my doctor gave me. A few weeks later, we found out that my pregnancy was Mono-Mono, risky and would have to be terminated with 32 weeks.”

The singer continued: “The date changed to March 20th and so it was. For those who don’t know, for premature babies there is a chronological age (here 1 year, 1 month and 20 days) and the corrected age. . Mothers of premature babies live 3 births. The date of delivery, the anniversary of the corrected birth and the day we were actually born together: the day we left the ICU. This was April 15th. I was sensitive all last week. I thought it was for because of Mother’s Day, but it was also for today. Today, in fact, they are 1 year old.”

Why is it important to know this and celebrate? Because we follow this age for many things, development curve, for example. Otherwise we think our little ones are late and there’s nothing like that. It’s just because their time is unique and exclusive. There is no drama in my heart. Just gratitude and yes, some wounds that will heal with time. Normal right? Every battle leaves its marks, even the victorious ones. And they always make us stronger.

“Looking at this photo I see all the difficulties we had, but mostly I see victory, overcoming, three super warriors and an unbeatable love! imagine yourself up ahead. The difficult present will be a memory and the future will be a beautiful present. In that first photo, without being able to kiss or sleep with them, without understanding anything but the love and the absurd strength that sustained me, was this moment of the second photo I imagined on my timeline.”

Fogaça added: “And he arrived. Everything is as it should be. By choice or by destiny. God is always fair. Let us be strong and trust. Long live you my daughters!!! Today, May 10th, March 20th, April 15th and for all the days of our lives! I LOVE YOU more than anything. My little evolution masters.”

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