Marcela Iglesias, the Human Barbie, visiting Argentina: "I left the country in 1999 with $ 3,000"

Marcela Iglesias placeholder image has a great story on his shoulders, as he conquered Hollywood after being born in Argentina. The woman is called “The Human Barbie” and it stands out for its similarity with the popular doll that marked an era in different parts of the world.

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During his visit to his native country, Iglesias passed through “The Run Run of the Show” on Chronicle HD to reveal some details of your story and even introduce your partner. I left the country at the end of 1999 with three thousand dollars to try their luck and the first ten years were very difficult. I was illegal in that country, started.

Although she clarified that she is already a US citizen, she explained that the complications made her stronger. “My mom never liked it and she never bought me a Barbie doll, that’s why the obsession caught me”, he confessed in front of the panel headed by Lio Pecoraro and Fernando Piaggio. Furthermore, he added: “There I said that I myself was going to become a Barbie, then the house of plastics occurred to me, there it exploded and they started to know me”.

Is in couple with Steven, who is personified much like Ken, just Barbie’s boyfriend in the doll franchise. “We met on MySpace in 2009 and since then we have been together”she commented with her husband.

Finally, the woman was encouraged to parade through the studio to show the similarity and agreed with some panelists about their resemblance to Beatriz Solomon. The truth is that during the note, he clarified that he does not have cosmetic surgeries, so he manages to assimilate without artificial help other than makeup.

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