Marc Terenzi : Before each of his performances, he consumed two bottles of vodka

The otherwise so happy Marc Terenzi shows his vulnerable side in the TV show “The Club of Good Moods” and reports relentlessly about the hardest time in his life at the time.

Nobody expected this open confession. Because Marc Terenzi, 43, is best known to his fans and co-candidates on the TV show “The Good Mood Club” for his cheerful, open nature. But in conversation with singer Joey Heindle, 28, Marc Terenzi reveals his difficult past dealing with drugs.

Marc Terenzi: His honest alcohol confession is surprising

During a conversation by the pool, Marc Terenzi pours his heart out to his show colleague Joey Heindle and admits: his success at the time simply grew over the singer’s head. The pressure was too great, he felt more and more “trapped” in his career. The 43-year-old needed two bottles of vodka before each performance in order to be able to function on stage at all.

The reality star believes that the viewers didn’t notice his condition today: “People didn’t realize that I was totally drunk,” he reports in an interview. Those around him, on the other hand, noticed his bad mental state very well. Nevertheless, nobody intervened during this time, so the singer was disappointed: “I was totally fucked up, everyone saw it, nobody said anything.” Marc rounds off his alcohol confession with emotional words: “It’s hard when you’re successful, have to work and take drugs,” said the singer to 28-year-old Joey.

Marc on his stay in the clinic: “It was worse when I came out”

Marc went to a clinic twice because of his alcohol addiction. But instead of the 48-year-old getting better afterwards, the opposite happened. “It was worse when I came out,” confesses the boy band singer.

But at some point it clicked for the singer. At his lowest point, when he felt nothing anymore, Marc decided to get his life under control. For a year he wanted to manage not to consume alcohol – with success! “After three months I felt so good that I said: ok I can do it” [sic], said the 48-year-old. Above all, sport helped him a lot, which was incredibly good for his body and soul during this time.

Jenny Elvers can now be a support for the 48-year-old

With his new girlfriend Jenny Elvers, 50, Marc seems to have finally found the right woman by his side. Because the 50-year-old also suffered from alcohol addiction in the past and drew negative attention to herself with her drug excesses. But she also made the jump and got clean. Now the two newly in love lovebirds can talk about their past and support each other in the future.

Sources used: Sat.1 “Club of Good Moods”


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