Marc Lavoine, who is celebrating his 60th birthday, suffers from the same disease as his mother!

His successful love songs testify to this: Marc Lavoine is a great romantic… dark version. Moreover, he never hid this side of his personality which is clinically called lypemania.

Like this time when, in 2018, he openly opened up about it during the France 2 program “We are not lying”: “It’s a little deeper than melancholy. My mother had this disease. It is a melancholy a little higher than the others.”

His mother, Micheline Collin, who died in 2011, would therefore have transmitted to him this malaise that haunts his days and nights. And make no mistake about it, it would not be a question of a simple depressive state but, according to Dr Esquirol, of a “cerebral disease characterized by partial, chronic, feverless delirium, maintained by a sad, debilitating or oppressive passion.” A sad burden inherited!

And after the dark last months experienced by the artist, it is difficult to think that today, as he celebrates his 60th birthday, his heart and his soul are completely peaceful… Last April, the shock! After barely a year and a half of marriage with the novelist Line Papin, this last announcement in Le Figaro, in the course of an interview… their divorce! And to give some details on the fact that they had already been living apart for many months.

We then understand better the reflection of Marc Lavoine in the weekly Paris Match last January when he was talking about the release of his new album “Adulte ever”: “It is not impossible that this album is imbued with a certain sadness.” The spleen… again and again. Worse ! The 26-year-old young woman reveals in her very personal book “A possible life”, published in the spring, having experienced a miscarriage during the first confinement and then having decided to have an abortion a few months later. The couple, to whom everything seemed to smile, went through ordeals that were visibly fatal to them. While in July, they were to celebrate their second wedding anniversary, it is solo, each on their own, that they continue their paths today. And that Marc Lavoine, for whom this is the third divorce, celebrates his 60th birthday in the greatest melancholy.

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