Marc Lavoine sickened by Flavie Flament: Their tete-a-tete turns into a fiasco because of an ultra embarrassing smell!

This Thursday, November 17, 2022, viewers of TF1 will be able to find Marc Lavoine in the IP3 series. In addition to being a successful singer, the ex-companion of Sarah Poniatowski is illustrated in the 7ᵉ art. Versatility does not scare him… Quite the contrary! Work is also what keeps him going on a daily basis.

“I started earning my living at the age of 16. At 51, I’m still working, I’ve never stopped doing it. Work reassures me, I only know that”analyzed the artist for Current Woman.“I feel happy putting myself to work every day, looking for ideas. I really believe that things happen because you put yourself in motion”.

“But why did I kiss her hand?”

Wherever he goes Marc Lavoine leaves no one indifferent. And the actor is amused by the image of a seducer given to him: “I have no problem with what people think of me. I’ve been looking all my life to be liked by people, so I’m not gonna complain about it […] ». A few years ago, Flavie Flament had the chance to cross his path. But their tete-a-tete embarrassed her enormously as she confided on the airwaves of RTL in 2019.

“It was in the dressing rooms of my variety show when I had just arrived at TF1. I had just eaten sushi, with my fingers because I am not the queen of the baguette”, confessed the ex-wife of Benjamin Castaldi. Gentleman as usual, Marc Lavoine wanted to be gallant… “And Marc made his lover and kissed my hand. And at that moment, I said to myself, I just licked a salmon sushi, anyway! […] And I saw in his eyes that he said to himself ‘Why did I kiss his hand?’ », dropped Flavie Flament not without humor. A hilarious anecdote that will remain etched in his memory!


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