Marc Lavoine in full divorce: how he intends to save his couple with Line Papin

In love with Line Papin since 2016, singer Marc Lavoine is going through a hell of a blow. According to information released by “Closer” on September 24, his 25-year-old wife, Line Papin, filed for divorce. And this, a few weeks after having celebrated his cotton wedding with Marc Lavoine … The cause of this rupture: the maternity desires of Line Papin.

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Indeed, the novelist would like to become a mother. A desire that Marc Lavoine does not share. The artist would not want a fifth child. At 59, the former coach of “The Voice” is Simon’s dad, born of his relationship with top model Denise Pascale (who died in December 2017 from cancer), Yasmine, Roman and Milo, all three born from his union with Sarah Poniatowski.

“While he has just blown out his 59th birthday, the singer is no longer planning to build a family. A break for the couple who now live separately and who according to relatives intends to file for a divorce” , had revealed the magazine “Closer”.

As a reminder, Marc Lavoine and Line Papin met in the studios of France Inter when she came to present her work entitled “Awakening” in the singer’s Carte Blanche. Touched by this work, the interpreter of “She has revolver eyes” had explained: “I encountered my own symptoms, a loneliness, a form of maladjustment to the world, and the violence of a love that one does not ‘can’t show. This book woke me up. ” It was in July 2020, four years after their meeting, that Marc Lavoine and Line Papin got married at the town hall of the 5th arrondissement of Paris, in front of Anne Hidalgo.

Madly in love with his wife, Marc Lavoine would not have said his last word. As reported by “Here”, the singer “hopes to win her back”. To achieve his goal, Marc Lavoine will have to give in on one point: having a child with Line Papin. Will he end up accepting his wife’s request? Only time will tell…


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