Marc Anthony: the surprise to his girlfriend Nadia Ferreira for her 23rd birthday

Despite the criticism and comments around Mark Anthony and his girlfriend Nadia Ferrera due to the age difference, both ignore everything malicious and prefer to live their love with madness and debauchery, showing it off whenever they can through their respective social media.

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This May 10, the Paraguayan was celebrating her 23rd birthday next to her lover, who had the brilliant idea of ​​completely surprising her, causing her to become one of the happiest women in the world for a few days, in which fulfilled some of his dreams.

Many users of digital platforms have witnessed the surprise that Marc Anthony prepared and they were speechless, as it was a very redeemable detail on their part in order to see Nadia very happy on her most special day.

The salsa singer had a romantic gesture with his girlfriend, which was immortalized on social networks (Photo: Marc Anthony / Instagram)


The salsa singer traveled with his girlfriend to Florida to celebrate their birthday together, but, upon arriving at the mansion, the model would be in for a big surprise that made her scream with excitement.

While it was recorded by himself Mark AnthonyNadia Ferreira entered the house and little by little some of her loved ones began to leave, who had traveled from far away to be with her on that special day.

In the images you can see how the Paraguayan hugs each of them with great emotion, specifying a sweet moment that was shared on her Instagram account.

But everything would not end there, since, in addition to the toast that night, the surprise would continue the next day.

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The day after the first surprise, Marc Anthony, Nadia Ferreira and all their guests went to the Disney attraction park to have fun for a few hours.

Images and videos of the fantastic day they spent together as if they were a close-knit family were also shared on social networks.

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Nadia Ferrera, of Paraguayan nationality, was born on May 10, 1999 and has just turned 23. She was Miss Universe 2021 and managed to be among the three finalists. During her presentation at the beauty pageant, she shared hard moments of her childhood, as she suffered from congenital torticollis, for which she was operated on when she was only eight months old and years later she partially lost her hearing, her sight and her ability to move.

However, nothing managed to bring her down, as this prompted her to move forward and today her health is stable. Her example of struggle, in addition to her beauty and charisma, led her to be the image of big brands and be the cover of renowned magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and L’Officiel. Additionally, she has modeled on major catwalks such as New York Fashion Week, Milan, and Paris.

Currently moved to the Mexico City in order to expand her career in the world of modeling, but she also finds time for other activities, since she leads the organization NF, which provides support to women who suffer domestic violence, encouraging them to continue with their lives and learn to develop by themselves.

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Through her social networks, the Paraguayan model announced that she had engaged to the Puerto Rican singer and shared a photograph showing the ring with which they made their future union official.

Next to the luxurious hoop, Ferreira shared the message “Engagement party!”, demonstrating the happiness of the couple before the event. IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE RING CLICK HERE.

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