Marc Anthony surprises his girlfriend: And the concert in Panama?

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After the interpreter Marc Anthony, suspended his concert in Panama after suffering an accident, on May 4; he was recently seen celebrating the birthday of his girlfriend, Nadia Ferreira.

That’s right, the American singer-songwriter had a romantic encounter with Nadia on a private jet, where we could see a cake and glasses to toast; then she herself posted a photograph with him, where she was seen with a cane in hand.

Later, the Paraguayan finalist of Miss Universe 2022, published on her Instagram Stories, Marc’s great surprise. The videos show that both arrive at a house and it turns out that there is not only a cake to celebrate her birthday, but little by little Little by little, several people appear, apparently relatives and friends of Nadia.

She can’t help but scream with emotion caused by this great surprise and hugs everyone with great joy.

After that, the meeting continued at Disney World, where the romantic couple was attentively watching the fireworks show. Now, the question that all Panamanians are surely asking is: What about the concert in Panama?

The truth is that the artist has not yet said anything about the new date of his concert, after many bought their tickets hoping to enjoy his show, it was only known that he fell from some stairs which caused him a back injury , then he himself posted a video sitting on a bed where he says he is recovering, without giving any details of what happened.

The bad taste has remained with his fans in Panama, so we hope that soon he can announce the new date of his concert, after having canceled it, leaving the entire public waiting at the Rommel Fernández Stadium. It will dawn and we will see!

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