Maraisa: Wrist injury to the singer worries fans. Understand what happened!

Maraisa had another scare in the early hours of this Sunday (19), less than two days after an accident with the duo’s team. The singer, who has thrilled fans on “The Voice Kids”, she was showering in a hotel when the shower glass broke on top of her. It is not the first such incident in the life of the sertaneja: on the day of Marília Mendonça’s death, the blindex in the singer’s living room also burst.

“The shower glass broke on me because the glass was cold and the water was hot. Something happened that no one can explain and it exploded on top of me. I got a little cut on my wrist, which is God’s deliverance. As always, God delivering me. He likes us a lot”, said the artist, who performs at São João de Caruaru this Saturday (25).

Maraisa was promptly attended to by the Fire Department and doctors. and needed two stitches on her wrist. In a video posted on social media, the singer thanks fans for the respect for the delicate moment: “I want to thank the discretion of all the fans who were at the hotel, who saw all that movement, who didn’t leak the videos”.



On social media, Maraisa’s fans were concerned about the singer and asked her to admirers who meet her in the next few days beware of the bruised wrist.

If you touch Maraisa’s wrist in these shows now I swear I’ll go in your lives, don’t pull her“, asked a fan. “Worried about Maraisa’s injured wrist”, expressed another internet user. “My ‘plincess’ wrist with stitches hurt me a lot”, lamented a profile.

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