Maraisa says that Marília Mendonça sensed death: ‘He left everything organized’

Hours before the release of Marília Mendonça’s first posthumous EP, Maraisa returned to honor her friend with an exciting open letter on social media. In the statement, the singer, who changed her look last weekend, celebrated the continuity of the legacy of the Queen of Sofrência, who was the most performed singer in Brazil for three consecutive years.

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“When you have a true friendship, our demonstrations of affection become very natural. It is spontaneous that they happen in life, and we seek that. Today, after all the circumstances we experienced with the loss of Marília, all of us who shared with her a little bit of our moments, we can prove this friendship and love through the care of her work, giving continuity to what she dreamed of. Many previously defined issues needed to have this continuity“, defined Maraisa.

The countrywoman also celebrated the pride of Marília’s team and family, who will continue the projects designed by the singer while she was still alive. “I promised her many things in life, as happens naturally in a friendship, perhaps in one of the phases when she was more engaged at work. And I can say, knowing her truth and her intimacy, that this movement of the family and the office to make these dreams come true, makes me even more proud of this team of which I am a part and, also, of this beautiful and united family that she left“, wrote Maraisa.


In March of this year, Maraisa revealed that she sent a message to Marília and said that she loved her hours before the tragedy. Then the artist replied: “My God, will I die?”.

Maraisa said that her friend already seemed to sense the events. “In our last few months, I had the impression several times that she felt something was going to happen, so she left everything organized while still alive, so that we could do it now!“, explained Maiara’s sister.

Finally, Maraisa made a series of thanks. “Gratitude to God and to this family that I love, for fulfilling the wishes of our eternal queen! I know that wherever she is, she will be very happy and proud! God bless us all!“, he finished.

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