Maradona’s children, united in front of the cameras but on the warpath

The third edition of the Party for Peace witnessed an emotional scene of unity within the family of the night’s honoree, Diego Armando Maradona. All the recognized sons of the legendary soccer player they appeared together in public for the first time in the name of the memory of his patriarch; but behind the scenes The conflict over the inheritance continues to boil.

Look at the appearance of Maradona’s children, together for the first time!

Invited by him Pope Francisco to be part of the annual ceremony, Dalma, Gianinna, Diego Junior, Jana and Dieguito Fernando Maradona, as well as the sisters of the star, they said present at the Olympic stadium in Rome this past Monday. As guests of honor, the brothers and sisters were the stars of the day, together with the memory of their father.

The event to benefit the pontifical movement Scholas Occurrentes projected a hologram of Ten while the band Opus performed the classic live “Life is Life”. In an emotional gesture, the five children of Maradona delivered a series of commemorative medals with his father’s face and they gave the cup to the winning team of the day. Finally, Benjamin AgueroMaradona’s grandson, planted an olive tree in the stadium in a symbolic gesture.

Maradona’s children, together in public in honor of their father.

Despite the unity shown by Maradona’s children in front of the cameras, family friendship would not have continued behind closed doors. As reported La Pavada de Diario Crónica, the conflict for the inheritance of Ten prevented cordiality from flowing between the relatives once again.

Maradona’s children, confronted by the inheritance.

And it is that There are no news in the files of the trademarks whose registration was requested by the five children of Maradona (several of which we noticed). All these applications were opposed by Sattvica SA, the company of Matias Morla that owns the Maradona trademarks, which is why for the moment they prevent the applications from being granted.

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