Maradona – Death of a D10: the film tonight on Sky Documentaries, one year after the death of the Pibe de oro

Tonight on Sky Documentaries at 9.15 pm, for the first time, Maradona – Morte di un D10, the film that recalls the Pibe de oro exactly one year after death, is broadcasted.

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SKY pays tribute to Diego Armando Maradona, on the first anniversary of his death, with Maradona – Death of a D10, the documentary film, on air tonight on Sky Documentaries at 9.15pm in the first run, which tells the life of the football superstar.

Maradona – Death of a D10 is the untold story of a controversial but much loved character and of the legend he was able to create, and who will live forever. Written, directed and narrated by Ivan Kasanzew, the former sports host of Univision, nominated for the Sport Emmy Awards, the documentary chronicles the superstar’s impact on the world of sport and explores how the intoxicating combination of celebrity, talent and abuse of drug made Maradona “the most extreme man of our time“.

The American director, but originally from Argentina, has followed the career of Diego Armando Maradona like many football fanatics in his country, but also throughout the world, and has collected and put together more than 30 years of interviews, photos and video material of the champion, interviewing people who were related to him both privately and during his incredible football career. The images show the lights and shadows, the virtues and vices that outline the sincere portrait of a legendary man.

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