Mara the Opener’s mother sleeps with a 30-year-old (Naughty grandmother Danche took him home, her parents are terrified)

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19 November 2021, 16:00

The mother of the folk singer Maria is hugging a lover who is half her age, wrote “Weekend”. The naughty Jordanka, who is called “Baba Danche” in the chalga guild, turned the head of a 30-year-old man from Petrich who was madly in love with her. Because of his beloved, he quarreled with all his relatives, who drove him out of his home and moved in with her.Jordanka’s relationship with the significantly younger man has lasted for more than a year, Weekend sources claim. At first, the couple tried to keep their love a secret. The man, who still lived with his mother and father in his native Petrich, invented all sorts of occasions to travel to Sofia and meet “Mama Yori”, as Maria sometimes calls her parent. He was in love, but he did not dare admit to his relatives that he had an affair with a woman who was twice his age, all the more so because Jordanka was far older than his own mother. The boy was not worried about the age difference, but only about the reaction of his parents.
In the small town, however, gossip spread quickly and the news of the young man’s relationship with the naughty grandmother quickly reached the ears of the “mother-in-law”. The woman was shocked to find out who her beloved son was sleeping with. They made a huge scandal with the father and forced the boy to promise that he would not meet Jordanka again. The lover called the lady of his heart and announced that he was parting with her. However, Dancheto, like the daughter she raised, turned out to be far more stubborn than her lover’s parents expected. She started calling him, begging him to reunite, promising him all sorts of things, including that she would use Maria’s connections to find him a good job in Sofia. Eventually, the boy began dating Aunt Dance again. New scandals with the parents followed and finally the people drove the prodigal son out of their home in the hope that if he had nowhere to go, he would finally give up the grandmother who wanted to become their daughter-in-law. Instead, however, he packed his bags and moved in with the lustful Jordanka. According to Weekend sources, Grandma Danche and her young husband were currently on the cusp of happiness. The 30-year-old from Petrich already knew both Maria and his adopted “granddaughter” Maria, who often visited Yordanka’s apartment. The grandmother is known to fall in love with young people. It is even rumored that she and her daughter Maria shared a boyfriend years ago. Although old, she is well maintained and it is not difficult for her to find young suitors.

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