Mara Maravilha praises Ivete Sangalo: "she is queen"

After being honored by Ivete Sangalo during the premiere of the program “Ivete’s Popcorn“, at TV Globothe presenter Mara Maravilha was very happy with the praise of the singer.

After the attraction ended, Ivete mentioned the name of the singer and presenter among the artists who opened doors for her, since it was on Mara’s program, broadcast on a station in Bahia, which was one of the first opportunities on television.

When asked about her reaction to being honored by Ivete Sangalo, Mara praised the singer: “Ivete is a wonder queen in talent and character.Who“.

On the controversy involving the singer Daniela Mercury, she preferred not to comment much on the matter. “As for this being that I don’t even want to say the name anymore, I don’t take back a word I said in my interview on the ‘Metropolitana’ radio”, she said.

In an interview with the radio last week, Mara stated that she is not proud of having cast Daniela on television. “”I’m ashamed that one day I was the first person who introduced you on television to the Brazilian scene”, fired the presenter.

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