Mara Maravilha mocks Xuxa and receives criticism from followers: ‘Envy’

Mara Maravilha did not miss the opportunity to criticize Xuxa after the Queen of the Shorts commit a faux pas. On social networks, the the brunette’s attitude was disapproved by the followers, which they criticized a lot. This was not the first time that the former presenter of “Fofocalizador” makes fun of something related to the singer.

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It all started after Xuxa, who recently got involved in a controversy with Bolsonaro, wore a leather glove during a fashion editorial. Vegan, the Queen of Shorts could not use anything of animal origin.

Mara wasted no time and recorded a video mocking the situation. On Instagram, the singer appeared dancing with a bird in her hands.

“With all respect and admiration for legitimate vegans, I suggest: call the veganist (which does not always suit the cause 100%) to repudiate opportunism and total fakery; but ‘The Devil wears Prada’ real leather, right, my love? For one good understanding, half a word is enough and masks fall and glass castles also break. I love animals, and you?”, asked the singer.

But, it seems that Mara Maravilha’s needling had the opposite effect. In the publication’s comments, the artist received dozens of criticisms from his own followers.

“Envy is f*,” wrote one. “Mercy, how far does a human being reach to have a few more minutes of fame”, commented another. “Still on this subject? Change the disc, woman!!”, pointed out a third.

In addition to Xuxa, Mara has also been involved in controversy with Angelica, Xuxa’s friend.

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