Mar María, the new voice that represents the strength of the Latina woman

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Time” is a song which was written from a conversation between sea ​​mary and its composer, Josue Pernett, in which he narrates the other part of love, is being and not being at the same time. This song represents the moment in which two souls separate to grow and evolve to meet again from a purer love without complexes.

Bossa nova is the musical base of Tiempo, a genre that represents the strength, transformation, sweetness and simplicity that is how Mar Maria defines its essence and had the collaboration of Babito Docarmo, guitarist and expert in Brazilian genres who fit perfectly this Latin rhythm with the indie pop of this decade.

sea ​​mary, is a young girl who began her career from adolescence in the church choir and has been a showgirl for the producer and singer Némula. Her artistic essence is inspired by the great divas of the fifties while her musical influences on singers who stand out on the Latin American scene such as Zoe Gotusso, Natalia Lafourcade, Elsa and Elmar among others.

Mar, comments that she decided to make this first single in this Brazilian style because during a moment of transition in her life it managed to calm her agitated emotions.

The Tiempo video is not a story, it is the expression of a state of mind, it is the representation of how the interpreter felt at the moment. It is the result of the liberation counted in the, it is the feeling of peace and harmony turned into images.

The direction and production was in charge of Jayson Bernal while the concept and idea for Here is Visual. Filming took place at the Penonomé wind farm, Coclé province in Panama.

Tiempo, the first single from Mar María is available on all digital platforms and on radio stations in the country.

Mar Maria – Time (Official Video)

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