‘Mar do Sertão’ brings talents from the Northeast! Meet the actors who fill the new soap opera of six with representation

Meet more northeastern actors from the cast of the soap opera ‘Mar do Sertão’

Erico Brás gained notoriety for playing Jurandir in the series “Tapas & Beijos” and now he will be Eudoro in the new six o’clock soap opera. The actor and comedian born in the capital of Bahia, passed through the casts of “Zorra”, “Vai que Cola” and “Tomara que Caia”, played in the 12th season of “Dança dos Famosos” and was the presenter of “Se Joga”.

Born in the capital of Maranhão, São Luís, Déo Garcez will bring Cato to life in the successor to “Beyond Illusion”. Currently seen in the new reruns of “O Cravo e a Rosa” and “Carrossel”, the actor debuted on TV 29 years ago and has already been on Globo, Record TV, Manchete, GNT and SBT, in addition to having been part of the cast of almost a dozen movies.

With approximately 30 films, Everaldo Pontes will give life to Adamastor. Born in the city of Pilar, Paraíba, the actor is in the rerun of “Chamas da Vida” and was part of the remake of “Gabriela”. Zahyn’s Interpreter, César Ferrario also acted in “Pantanal” and was born in Mossoró (Rio Grande do Norte).

Already Nanego Lira it will be Father Zezo. The artist was born in Paraíba, in Cajazeiras, won the Machado Bitencourt award for the film “Depois da Curva”, and was in soap operas such as “O Rebu” and “A Dona do Pedaço”, as well as “Amor de Mãe”.

Suzy Lopes, also from Cajazeiras, and from the cast of films like “Divino Amor” and “Bacuaru”, was recently seen in “How Much More Life, Better!”. In “Mar do Sertão” she will be Cira. Another from the same city, Thadelly Lima entered the theater in 1999 and has acted in plays such as “Flor de Macambira”. On TV, he was in “How Much More Life, Better!” and “Amor de Mãe”.

Quiteria Kelly is from the capital of Paraíba, João Pessoa, and has worked in theater, cinema and TV, where he acted in “Where the Strong are Born”. And Felipe Velozo, Tomás, was born in Bahia and acted in “Marighella”, “Irmãos Freitas” and “A Névoa”.

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