Many surgeons are now asked for the same nose as … Meghan Markle!

Happy Birthday Meghan Markle! This Thursday, August 4, the Duchess of Sussex celebrates her 41st birthday. There is no doubt that the ex-star of the series Suits will celebrate his birthday with great fanfare with his loved ones. Not sure if the Cambridge couple or other members of the Windsor clan will be invited to the event. Since Megxit, Serena Williams’ sidekick lives peacefully in the United States with Prince Harry and their two children.

But all his public appearances have the merit of making the buzz. Concerned about the smallest detail, the former actress is always dressed to the nines when she goes out. The main interested party is well aware of her influence around the world. It must be said that Meghan Markle has everything to please. A smile colgatea wasp waist and dreamy hair!

Like her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, the latter is very careful about her appearance. And that for several years already… According to some tabloids, the daughter-in-law of Prince Charles would have touched up her nose in the past. To this day, many of his admirers wish to have the same. According to them, it would be simply perfect! Exclusively, doctor Thierry Ktorza gave us some secrets about Meghan Markle.

“She definitely had a rhinoplasty”

According to her words, the young mother would have indeed succumbed to the scalpel! “She definitely had rhinoplasty, there’s no doubt about that,” he asserted. “It is difficult to know if it is a complete rhinoplasty or only the tip of the nose”. teenager, “the tip of his nose was rounder and more protruding”, said the specialist. “It’s an operation commonly performed by film and television personalities.”

According to E-News!, Meghan Markle’s nose is all the rage in American clinics: “Today, the actress is one of the most cited celebrities among clients who want to look like their favorite star,” said Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg who practices in New York. A point of view shared by his colleague David Cangello: “A lot of people talk about similar proportions to Meghan Markle when asked about their ideal nose.”


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