Many products not found on supermarket shelves: “They have gone too far this time”

Bad surprise for Jumbo customers. On the shelves of their supermarkets, many products are missing. Mars chocolates, Pedigree, Nescafé, Nesquik… The Dutch brand is coming up against two agrifood giants, namely Mars and Nestlé, in price negotiations that are not progressing.

The fault of “significant price increases” claimed by suppliers and to which Jumbo does not want to give in. The retail chain believes, according to information from Gondola, that the increases are so large that they will be impossible to pass on to customers. Discussions with Mars were therefore interrupted. “Sometimes price increases are unavoidable, but in this case they cannot be explained. Mars is going too far this time,” Jumbo said.

Contacted by the magazine, a spokesperson for Mars explained that agreements can sometimes take longer than expected. He specifies that, in the case of Jumbo, the negotiations also concern deliveries, marketing and new products.

Regarding Nestlé, no details were given for the absence of their products on the shelves of Jumbo. Negotiations between the two parties are still ongoing.

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