Manuele Labate, what happened to Alberto from ‘A doctor in the family’: “Today I am a craftsman and a street artist”

Beloved in ‘A doctor in the family‘ in the role of Alberto Foschi. Actor, street artist, craftsman and tattoo artist. In a long interview with FanPage, Manuele Labate he talked about his new life away from the small screen. Today he is the father of two daughters: Auroraaged 11 and Maria soleof 4. Among numerous references to one of the queens of Rai1 and the relationship with the various performers of the cast, the 39-year-old confessed his love for street art: “I developed this passion long before I started acting. It’s like saying that first love is never forgotten. The streets of street art are different. When it comes to urban regeneration, you must have a permit. Submit the project and wait for a positive response. The second way is to move independently and, pass me the term, illegal, however always recognizing an aesthetic aspect. You don’t do a hasty, badly colored thing for the sheer sake of letting off steam. Street art is a very important part of my life and I am lucky enough to share this passion with Aurora“. Her eldest daughter, in fact, is very talented and is guiding her on her design: “When we are at home we paint together. There is a girl we love to follow on YouTube, her name is ‘Fraffrog’. She lives by drawing, she reviews pencils, colors, brushes, shows different styles. We spend hours in harmony, watching her draw“.

Labate is also a tattoo artist, but has decided not to make it a profession time spent with family and other interests benefited. Instead, he collaborates with a company: “We create design lighting, luminous signs, paintings, through a combination of decoration and lighting. It starts with a drawing, then it is enriched with neon components or with LEDs, that’s a lot of stuff. I collaborate in the creation of these works, mainly dealing with coloring, painting. I define myself as a modern craftsman“. Among her talents, also dance: “I attended courses that led me to be familiar with Latin American dance, waltz, jive. It is something that I have cultivated with my sister for a few years, then I replaced it with sport. But if you have the rhythm and the pleasure of dancing, you will always bring that to you“.

During the interview there was also space to talk about acting, which now plays a secondary role in his life: “It is part of me because in one way or another, you find the time to realize your acting talent, not necessarily at very high levels, therefore national, like Rai1 or cinema, but in a small way. Where possible, I do not disdain the theater, indeed. Then some commercials, one of which is currently on the air ”. Finally, an opinion on social networks, from which it is duly kept away: “My passion for drawing meant that I remained anchored to a manual, concrete, practical aspect. Social networks appear to me as the opposite: artificial, not very real, very virtual. I don’t see the point of waiting for the right moment to take a picture, put a filter on it, create a fake look of me and post it. I love Whatsapp, phone calls and real life. My social network is still the restaurant, the pub, the padel and five-a-side football match“.

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