Manuel Luís Goucha presents a guest, receives “criticism” and responds: “When I arrive, I change [de canal]”

Manuel Luís Goucha turned to social media in the early afternoon of this Monday, June 13, to “strengthen” the promotion to the interviewee who will receive in the studio at “Goucha”.

Joana Madeira is the special guest, for one of “the best conversations” that the presenter has had to date, as he insisted on underlining: “This afternoon a great conversation with Joana Madeira. One of the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve had great conversations. At the goucha“, can be read in the caption of the publication.

Despite the many compliments she received, one of Manuel Luís Goucha’s followers was displeased and revealed her intention to change the channel when Joana Madeira arrived: “I’m glad you say, when Joana gets mute”, can be read.

The presenter replied: “You may be surprised if you hear it, and you will certainly understand it better.” shot.

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