Manuel Luís Goucha is asked and answers: “Why didn’t you go to the summer party?”

Last Saturday, the 23rd of July, the TVI Summer Party took place at the Lick nightclub, in Vilamoura. Many well-known faces were present at the event, however there were also those who were not present, as was the case of Manuel Luís Goucha.

On the night of this Sunday, July 24th, the presenter alerted his followers to the gala of the program “Uma Canção Para Ti”, which he leads alongside Maria Cerqueira Gomes and was ‘confronted’ by one of the internet users.

“Get ready as today’s gala promises: new competitors, Vanessa Silva as a judge, Noa, David Antunes and Marco Rodrigues as guests. A SONG FOR YOU today on TVI”wrote in the caption of the post he made on his Instagram account.

Asked why he didn’t go to the TVI Party, the presenter reacted. “Why didn’t you go to the summer party? But I will see”asked one of the spectators. “I never went”replied the communicator.

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