Manu Gavassi opens up the game of plastic surgery on the nose and silicone explants: “I put on the breast and I never felt well”

Manu Gavassi29, opened the game about aesthetic procedures and vented when he said that he “never felt well” with her silicone breast implants.

When talking about it, the actress said that at the time she thought she “needed to show that she grew up”, but she definitely did not feel prepared for the aesthetic changes.

“I got silicone at the age of 25 by free and spontaneous pressure, because I felt ‘I need to show that I grew up and that now I can be sexy’. Look how painful. I put it on and I never felt good about it. I never even felt like it was me. Now, older, I matured the idea and said ‘it’s something that’s been bothering me for a long time, I’m going to take it off’. I had another surgery this year, I had the silicone removed’. There are several battles that we fight”, she told Quem.

Before the silicone, Manu underwent plastic surgery at the age of 17 and ended up with a deviated septum.

“I regret doing it running when I was 17, because I had a deviated septum problem for a long time and didn’t have the courage to operate again. I was very afraid. Imagine changing now that I don’t even believe it anymore. So now, after getting older, as I made the decision to get my silicone out, I’m not finally going to work it out, because it’s a mistake I never had the courage to deal with. So I was able to fix that and I’m feeling better, feeling better, more mature with my decisions,” she explained.

“It’s obvious that we who work with image, with media, are directly affected by this. And I see it all around me. I talk to girls and women who go through the same thing. It is very rare to find an artist without plastic, because it is even normalized. In no way am I against you doing what you want. I’m just in favor of finding out if it’s really yours and not one thing depending on the other. This is the crux of the matter,” he argued.

More at ease and assertive with her choices, the actress revealed that letting her hair grow without chemistry is another of her achievements:

“[outra escolha é] I was letting my hair grow without chemistry for the first time, trying to see myself with curly hair, something I could never embrace, because I was never told I was beautiful. There are several mini pressures that we live, which end up becoming gigantic and end up being a part of who you are, of how you present yourself, right? It’s hard to get rid of it. How long do you think it’s a cute speech to say that you accept yourself? It’s difficult. It’s painful for you to afford it when no one supports you. I grew up with that and now, more mature, I try to analyze what my decisions are and what other people’s decisions are”, he added.

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