Mansion Hype: Fans Want To Boycott Controversial New Netflix Series

Now available on Netflix, Mansion Hype has caused controversy since its first announcement. The reality show has just arrived on the platform’s catalogue, and many fans point to the project as one of the worst decisions streaming could have made. But after all, why does the documentary series provoke so much controversy? We’ve explained everything you need to know below.

“Follow up closely with the hottest stars on social media experiencing love, friendship and fame. All this while living and creating content together”, states the official synopsis of the production on Netflix.

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As the description itself indicates, Mansão Hype is set in the world of tiktokers and digital influencers, a theme that displeased many people.

Even causing controversy around the world, Mansion Hype has what it takes to become an audience success on Netflix. Often, detonated productions reach the Top 10, as countless subscribers watch the episodes “through the force of hate”, or to criticize them on social networks.

All about the Hype Mansion controversy on Netflix

Before becoming a series on Netflix, Mansão Hype (or Hype House, in the original title), was already well known on the internet, mainly by teenagers.

Hype Mansion is a “TikTok Teen Personality Collective” located in Los Angeles, California.

The place is described as “a collaborative mansion where content creators and influencers can live together, produce videos and create dances.”

Among the members of the Mansion stand out figures known by Generation Z, such as Thomas Petrou, Mia Hayward, Alex Warren, Jack Wright, Chase Hudson and many others.

The Hype Mansion series was originally announced by Netflix in April 2021, and has since been heavily criticized on social media.

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You don’t even have to think too hard to understand the reason for the criticism: for many people – especially the more mature audience – TikTok is synonymous with futility, consumerism, spoiled youth and problematic attitudes.

In other words: the fact that Netflix created a series set in this universe would work as a kind of dissemination (and even glamorization) for the controversies of influencers, introducing these young people to an even broader audience.

And speaking of problematic attitudes, the influencers of Mansão Hype have already starred in extremely controversial moments.

Hype Mansion’s cast is Chase Hudson, Nikita Dragun, Thomas Petrou, Larray, Sienna Mae Gomez, Alex Warren, Jack Wright, Kouvr Annon and Vinnie Hacker.

In July 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States, Nikita Dragun threw a birthday party for Larray at the Hype Mansion – an event that was attended by makeup artist James Charles and other celebrities.

Even with the isolation measures in place, the party had an agglomeration of at least 67 people – which was proven by photos and videos posted on social networks.

And this is far from being the first (or only) polemic of the influencers of Mansão Hype: many members of the collective have already been accused of racism, cultural appropriation, exaggerated consumerism and, obviously, of representing bad examples for teenagers.

At the time of the Hype Mansion announcement on Netflix, netizens initiated a boycott of the platform, claiming they would cancel subscriptions if the series were actually released.

Now, it’s enough to know if the public will comply with the boycott threats or if they will watch the Hype Mansion episodes on the platform.

Hype Mansion is now available on Netflix; see the trailer below and draw your own conclusions.

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