Manon Van: Her age, her Instagram account, her relationship with Jordan… Everything you need to know about the candidate

It was in 2016 that Manon Van started reality TV in The Marseillais South America. In this adventure, she is talked about a lot, since she goes out with Paga who therefore deceived Adixia ! Like every time there are new ones at The people of Marseilles, they then participate in the cross… It is therefore during season 2 of the show that we find her. Subsequently, Manon Van made Angels 10, The Villa of Broken Hearts 5 and after 2 years of absence, it is in 10 perfect couples 5 let’s find her. On occasion, we invite you to discover what you need to know about the young woman and it happens below.

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How old is Manon Van?

Manon Van — Credit(s): Instagram

The young woman was born on July 25, 1995. She will therefore celebrate her 27th birthday in a few months! And for this event, we imagine that she will organize a party that looks like her. That is to say quite simple and discreet!

What is his Instagram account?

Manon Van's account
Manon Van’s account — Credit(s): Instagram

Like most reality TV candidates, Manon Van has become an influencer on social networks. To find her on Instagram, just type And you can’t be wrong, since his account is certified. Moreover, on the social network, the young woman is followed by more than 777,000 people. She shares memories of vacations, photos from shootings or good tips.

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His couple with Jordan

The perfect love !
The perfect love ! — Credit(s): instagram: manonvan, instagram: jordan_0fficiel

In 10 perfect couples 5, Jordan was starting to get closer to Anissa. But the more time passes, the more he wonders if his perfect match is not Manon Van. And even if she isn’t, he is clearly attracted to the pretty brunette. According to many rumors circulating on social networks, Jordan and Manon Van would be in a relationship since the end of the show. For the moment, they cannot formalize so as not to spoil the adventure of TFX.

Manon Van pregnant?

Manon Van
Manon Van — Credit(s): Instagram

For some time, some Internet users have wondered if Manon Van is not pregnant with her first child. A suspicion of pregnancy not really founded … And for good reason, Manon Van left no clues suggesting that she could be pregnant. So you will have understood: the young woman will not be a mother in the coming months… Unless things change by then!

Manon Van and cosmetic surgery

Manon Van
Manon Van — Credit(s): Instagram

Like many reality TV candidates, Manon Van has had cosmetic surgery. But since her debut on TV, she hasn’t really changed. Besides, some time ago, a surfer asked her why she had resorted to so much cosmetic surgery. And she replied: “So much surgery? Doing the chest and ears out of sheer complexity and only plumping up the lips is a lot? Isn’t the main thing to do things to feel good about your body when you can?” . That is what is said!

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