Manon Marsault pregnant again with Julien Tanti? These clues sow doubt

Manon Marsault

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Credit: Instagram @mayamo_tv

Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti will they be parents again? These details let him think.

A few days ago, Manon Marsault was pushing a big rant on social networks because she was tired of being spied on by her old friends. It is well known, the world of reality TV knows many confuses and many candidates do not hesitate to clash openly on the Web as soon as they have the slightest disagreement. Moreover, Manon is currently cold with Laura Lempika and Nikola Lozina and has in the past found herself at the heart of disputes. Fortunately, the young woman can count on the infallible support of her husband for several years, Julien Tanti.

Is Manon Marsault pregnant? – Credit (s): Instagram @mayamo_tv
Is Manon Marsault pregnant?
Is Manon Marsault pregnant? – Credit (s): Instagram @mayamo_tv

Remember, the couple had formalized things in front of the Mayor in 2019 as well as an audience of reality TV candidates including several known heads of Marseillais. As you certainly know, Manon and Julien also founded their own family with the arrival first of Tiago in 2018 then that of Angelina in 2020. In short, a real happiness for the two lovers who adore their role as parents . Would they nevertheless be on the verge of expanding their family with a third child?

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Is Manon Marsault pregnant?

According to blogger @mayamo_tv, this could be the case: “Manon might be pregnant” he said in his Instagram stories before commenting on a Snapchat post from the young woman: “Manon was in the hospital for a routine check except that in the caption she wrote ‘special day for me’. What does that mean?”. But that’s not all because after that, the mother posted a video where she talks about having a third child with her husband. Is this a subtle way to announce a new pregnancy? We’ll let you make up your own mind. In any case, it will take patience before knowing more.

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