Manon Marsault (Les Marseillais) not natural enough? She makes a big decision

A few days ago, Victoria Méhault withdrew the hyaluronic acid from her mouth and she unveiled the result on social networks. This time, it’s Manon Marsault’s turn to go back. To camouflage her dark circles, of which she is very complexed, the young woman had injected hyaluronic acid. But today, she regrets this aesthetic medicine intervention. So, she decided to remove the product from her face. And a little further down in this article, we invite you to discover the secrets of Manon Marsault, who took the opportunity to warn her subscribers.

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Manon Marsault – Credit (s): Instagram @manontanti

“I put on my glasses to hide. I was still removing the old product that I had (…) I can’t take it anymore. I have to take it off little by little (…) A tip: think twice! And above all, go to the right people (…) I’m going to have a bruise again. Besides, I’ve had bruises for two months! “, Manon Marsault explained on the social network with the yellow and white logo.

Manon Marsault should therefore not redo any intervention on her dark circles … In any case, not for the moment! In a completely different register, know that Manon Marsault and Laura Lempika are very cold and obviously, that created some tension between Julien Tanti and Nikola Lozina. Friendships that seem so broken …

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