Maneuver, skip the zeroing of VAT for bread, pasta and milk: the aim is to extend the social card. Halve the discounts on fuel

The government Melons in the budget law currently being approved, it halves the discounts on fuels and considers a “limited increase” in taxes on cigarettes and tobacco. On the first front, on December 1st we will switch from the current one denomination of 25 cents, which considering VAT was equivalent to a discount to the distributor of 30.5 cents, a reduction of 18.3 cents overall. Excise duties on petrol will rise to 578.40 euros until 31 December 2022, while those on gas oils or diesel used as fuel, in practice diesel, will rise to 467.40 euros per thousand litres, again until the end of the year.

In maneuver is also set asidezeroing of VAT on bread, pasta and milk, announced in recent days but criticized by the associations consumers because in all likelihood the benefits would end up in ai’s pocket Merchants. On the other hand, there is the intention to cut the VAT for diapers And sanitary pads bringing it from 10 to 5%. And an extension of the social card of 40 euros per month for the less well-off – now granted to over 65s and children under three with special requirements (the owners are the parents) – to those who have a income less than 15 thousand euros: a fund of 500 million has been planned to ‘cover’ the purchase of basic necessities. It would be cumulative with the minimum pension and, as already happens, distributed by the Municipalities.

The provision should also include a rule to block the automatism envisaged by the Traffic Laws which from January 2023 would trigger an upward update of the amounts of fines road. In the last few days, the owner of Infrastructures Matteo Salvini has pushed in particular on this measure.

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