Mandy Moore: Mandy Moore shares intimate photos from the delivery room

A few weeks ago, Mandy Moore became a mother for the second time. Little Oscar took her heart by storm – and gave her an extraordinary birth that she wants to share with the world.

Mandy Moore, 38, is in baby heaven. The actress gave birth to her second son at the end of October 2022 – and Oscar made a powerful impression on his mother during the birth process. The ‘This Is Us’ star recently shared a series of photos showing intimate moments from the delivery room. “A month with our Ozzie,” she comments on the touching photos. “I still have access to this moment that feels like a second ago and at the same time unimaginable to fathom life before.”

Mandy Moore shows off her newborn happiness

Mandy laughing with happiness shortly after giving birth with her Oscar on her chest, the newborn after the first swaddling and asleep in his hospital bed, also snoozing while cuddling with dad Taylor Goldsmith, 37, and in the circle of the medical professionals who he brought to life with his inspired mother: There are photos of private joy that the US star is only too happy to share.

Oscar already has taste in music

After the obviously fulfilling birth, Mandy feels particularly connected to the hospital team. “Thank you, Dr. Waldman, our Rockstar L&D nurse Athena, and our doula (and photographer) Rebecca Coursey-Rugh for creating space and enabling such a transcendent birthing experience.”

And apparently there are also positive impulses at birth when you have a man like singer and composer Taylor in your life. Has he already given Oscar his good taste in music? “Baby Boy was born on the soundtrack of Willie Nelson’s ‘Stardust’,” Moore reveals. “Good choice, sir!” She praises her little one.

These stars share Mandy’s baby joy

Mandy’s obvious desire to share the happy moments is met with a lot of love in her community – and also with prominent companions: “To be so happy for a person with whom you somehow grew up in this crazy business, but to be honest hardly knows – I’ll say it anyway. I’m so damn happy for you and I know with all my heart that you deserve all this. Lots of congratulations to you, “writes singer Pink, 43. “Oh mom!!! That second photo is everything. The joy!! So, so happy for you!!!!” commented Australian actress Teresa Palmer, 36, happily.

Mandy shares her little happiness with the world – and this gives her a lot of love in return for her charming vote of confidence.

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