Mandsaur News: The struggle going on for 29 years has not yet become Garoth district

* People of Garoth have been celebrating Black Day on 14th September.

Garoth (Naiduniya News). Many governments have come and gone in MP, all have been assured by taking votes in the name of the district in the assembly elections, but till now the district has not been announced. Recently, the 52nd district of the state was declared as Niwari, but since 29 years, Garoth is waiting to get the status of the district.

According to the information received, Garoth was a district in the Holkar princely state. It included Shamgarh, Bhanpura, Rampura tehsils. The present SDM office used to house the then collector’s office. The district court was set up in the court. The hospital used to run in the old girls school and the tehsil office in the big school. People say that when this district was in the princely state of Holkar, now the government should fulfill the public sentiment by making it a district again.

The first voice was raised on 14 September 1992

The demand for Garoth district was raised in 1992. During this, he also fought hard for 15 to 17 days from 14 September. Garoth always kept doing politics by giving assurances to the people in the elections. Assured the district and took votes. On 14 September 1992, the first voice was raised to make Garoth a district and started the movement. At that time the agitators were lathi-charged. And about 200 people were arrested and sent to Mandsaur and Javra Jail. The gutter remained closed for about 15 to 20 days and many people came out on the streets. Many people suffering from lathi charge have died and some are still suffering from pain.

Geographical location of Garoth

Garoth, which comes in Mandsaur district, is located at a distance of about 110 km from the district headquarters. Mandsaur is about 130 km from Bhanpura area and Mandsaur is about 140 to 160 km from areas like Gandhisagar, Bhaisoda, Kalakot, Undwa, Baloda. From here one can travel a long way from morning to afternoon and go to Mandsaur. Due to this, the residents of the area face difficulty in going to Mandsaur and over time they also spend more money. If Garoth district is formed, then with the help of sufficient water facility due to the Gandhisagar dam, industries of other crops including soybean can be set up. People will not have to worry about the work of the district headquarters. Irrigation scheme, the main confluence of MP Rajasthan will be formed near Garoth on Delhi-Mumbai Expressway 8 lane.

Geographical location and importance

The wait for Garoth from 1992 to 2021 is not over. Small towns have become districts. Garoth has 91 Gram Panchayats. There were only 88 gram panchayats in Niwari. At the time of Holkar State, Garoth also had many tehsils. Bajrang Dal, VHP and RSS consider Garoth as a district from the point of view of their organization.

The part of Chambal river from Basai to Gandhisagar can become the boundary of Mandsaur and Garoth district. It also includes Shamgarh and Suwasra Tehsil of Suwasra Assembly Constituency. If Garoth district is approved, then Gandhisagar Dam and Sanctuary, Dharmarajeshwar, Poladungar, famous Dudhakhedi Temple, Chaturbhujanath, Chhota-Bada Mahadev, Bharatmata Temple, Philosophers worth visiting on the banks of Chambal river including Takhaji, mythological temples and many more places of archaeological importance. Along with this, tourist places will also remain in Garoth district. During the Garoth by-election in 2015, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had announced the opening of ADM and ASP office in Garoth during public relations to pacify the growing anger of the demand of the district. After a few days, the appointment of ASP and ADM was also done. Garoth was given the status of sub-district but the assurance of the district could not be fulfilled.

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Long running demand should be fulfilled soon. The formation of a district will benefit all sections including farmers. It is imperative to make Garoth a district. This will save people both time and expense along with the hassle of commuting to Mandsaur by covering a distance of 100-150 km.

– Rajesh Sethia

District Vice President, BJP

After making Garoth a district, poor and working class will also get benefit. Right now one has to go to Mandsaur, about 100 km and 150 km away from Garoth and Bhanpura tehsils for small works. The cost of a one-time trip is around Rs.500 to Rs.1000. Many institutions will be established here for the future of the youth. Institutions of education, competitive examination will be established in the district.

Dinesh Soni, Congress leader

After the formation of Garoth district, the residents of the area can get quality education, system and administrative facilities soon along with better medical system. Garoth district is very necessary to give Garoth its old identity for new employment opportunities and to make the life of the common man easy and simple.

-Vinod Gwala

Mandal General Secretary, BJYM

Garoth district should be formed soon. The residents of the area have been demanding for a long time. After the formation of Garoth district, all the sections will be benefitted along with the surrounding farmers. Dharna, agitation and memorandum were given regarding the district but got assurance.

-Ravindra Patidar, Congress leader

It is imperative to make Garoth district. After the district, the sources of employment and income will also increase. Due to the district, it is difficult to travel long distances. Efforts will have to be made by all to make a district together.

Dharmendra Sharma, city president, BJP

We are determined to make Garoth district. The base pillar of the groth is strong for the district. The hopes of the residents will be fulfilled soon. Efforts are being made to make Garoth district soon. Whatever efforts are made, everyone will complete it together. Right now there are problems due to Corona. All engaged in an effort to escape from the third wave.

Devilal Dhakad, MLA, Garoth

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