Mandsaur News: Residents of Baser Colony agitated, the danger of spreading dengue in our area

Mandsaur (Naiduniya Rep). Right now there is a havoc of dengue, in spite of this, cleaning is not being done by the municipality in our area. Drains are blocked here, the road is full of rain water, mud is spreading. The government primary school premises located in the colony is full of dirty water, there is a garden that is also lying desolate. Due to the spread of dirty water and sludge in and around the drains, there are many mosquitoes, due to which there is a danger of dengue in our area. No one is listening in Napa, even the councilors of the area are not ready to pay attention to our complaint.

This is the pain of the residents of Baser Colony. Due to non-cleaning of the drains of Baser Colony, the drains here are full of dirt. The road is also dilapidated and due to the blockage of the drain, the rain water is filling the roads, due to which it has become muddy. The cleanliness campaign in the colony seems to be making fun of it. There is a primary school here. Here comes the school stop, but the rain water is full inside the school premises, now this water has started getting dirty and mosquitoes are also breeding in it. Amidst the danger of dengue, the sanitation system of NAPA in Baser Colony is in very poor condition. Residents expressed their anger on Sunday regarding these problems. Residents say that if cleanliness is not done in our colony soon, they will also gherao NAPA.

The garden of the colony is also getting desolate

In Baser Colony, the school garden is in a very bad condition with rain water getting filled in the school. The garden is completely ruined. Due to lack of maintenance, all the trees and plants in the garden are dying. The garden remains in name only.

Drains in Baser Colony have been blocked for several days. In our colony, garbage is also lying in empty plots. Cleanliness is not good. Mosquitoes are increasing due to dirt, the danger of dengue is looming. Cleaning should be done by the municipality soon. -Deobai Mali, Resident

Inside the boundary of the primary school located in Baser Colony, the school premises is filled with dirty water. Because of this, mosquitoes are getting here in large numbers. Till now the municipality has not even sprayed any medicine in the colony. -Bagdibai Malviya, resident

I have complained many times to the municipality, but no action has been taken. Even the councilors of our area never come to see, the road is full of rain water, it is getting muddy. There is a garden in the colony, that too is deserted. Ratanbai Jatiya, resident

Everything is being cleaned away. If there are any problems regarding cleanliness in Baser Colony, then cleaning will be done there. The colony will be made filth free. -Premkumar Suman, CMO, NAPA

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