Mandla News: The drain of sandalwood colony was not built in 20 years

Mandala (New World Representative). The people of Chandan Colony of Dada Dhaniram ward of suburb Maharajpur get upset as soon as it rains a little. After the rains in their area, the road and the surrounding area turns into a pond. There is no way to go. Even on Sunday, when the weather turned rain, the restlessness of the people could be seen. In the afternoon it rained heavily for about an hour. After that, water started appearing in the area of ​​Chandan Colony. Water was flooded around the houses and in the road area. People faced a lot of difficulty in commuting. He said that it should rain. But for us it brings trouble. In fact, due to the absence of a drain, the drainage of water is not possible and every year the residents of the colony are facing trouble. The road is unpaved, for which even when the residents of the ward gave a memorandum, the NAPA did the work of putting mud in the road. But still we are facing problem due to non-availability of sewerage.

Drain not built in 20 years

About 20 years ago, the construction work of houses took place in Chandan Colony. But neither the road nor the drain was constructed here. Due to which the residents of Chandan Colony are still facing this problem. The people of the colony say that it seems that for this also the path of agitation will have to be taken. We demand from NAPA that a road should be built in Chandan Colony. Otherwise we may be forced to move or we will have to flee from the colony itself.

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