Mandla News: For the protection and expansion of the river, the binding of the banks is necessary: ​​- Utkarsh Maharaj

Mandala. The Paryushan festival of Jainism is going on. Puja, Path and Abhishek are going on here every day. Munishree Utkarsh Sagar Maharaj is staying at the Digambar Jain temple halt on Chaturmas. He is telling the law of every day, telling the importance of Paryashan festival to the people every day. Today is the sixth day of the Paryashan festival. Utkarsh Maharaj told about it that the Yama that is controlled in the right way, is restraint. This control is not a pain, but a form of salutation, a greeting to get rid of sorrows. The river flows, but it needs the support of the bank. If a river flows without banks, it cannot reach its target ocean. Wherever it spreads and dries up, the binding of banks is necessary for the protection and expansion of the river. Life is also like this. For the river of life, the bondage of the banks of restraint is essential. Only a controlled life can achieve the goal of its eternal happiness, the uncontrollable or uncontrolled river only causes fear. Utkarsh Maharaj said that it is of two types with the distinction of being self-restraint and sense-control. To protect the tras and the immovable beings (all from one sense to the five senses) is self-restraint and abstinence from the objects of the five senses and control over the desires of the mind is sense control. Control is very important. The bridle for the horse, the curb for the elephant, the harness for the camel, and the brakes are necessary for the vehicles like bicycles, scooters etc. If the brakes are there, then there is no safety, then the accident. If the halter is there, then the horsepower is controlled otherwise uncontrolled. If there is brake then the car is useless. The bus of erratic life is such a bus, in which everything sounds except the horn, and everything sounds except the brakes. What will happen to the car of life in such a situation?

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