Mandla News: As soon as the festival arrives, the road to the main market gets jammed

Mandala (Representative of New Zealand). There is a traffic jam between main market area Tehsil Tiraha to Barchauraha and Chilman Chowk to Uday Chowk. During the festival, it becomes difficult to even walk from here. Especially in the main market area from Tehsil Tiraha to Barchauraha, roadside and street vendors also set up stall shops. This makes it difficult to walk on a two-wheeler or even on a peak hour. This time the police administration is paying attention to remove the encroachment in the road encroachment here. But he is not getting the support of the NPA. Due to which on Thursday, a day before Ganesh Chaturthi, there was a rush to buy in the market. On the other hand, due to the Haritalika Teej fast, the vendors were once again seen selling the material by setting up a shop on the main road. Due to which the road was almost closed. Anyway, the traffic police had also barricaded four wheelers and banned the movement of vehicles from Tehsil Tiraha to Barchauraha. Despite this, it was becoming a problem. Due to which anger was seen among the traders this time. He said that this happens every time. The traders submitted a memorandum to the NAPA CMO regarding this.

Urging to improve the system by submitting a memorandum to NAPA

A memorandum was given by the businessmen of the main market to the Chief Municipal Officer for the deteriorating system of the market and was expected to improve the system. The demand in Jhapan is about taking action against the increasing encroachment in the main market. In the main market, from the Red Cross building to Bad Square, the number of shops selling brooms, fruits, tokens and other types of handcarts are increasing on the road and on the footpath in the main road area of ​​the main market. Due to which customers are not getting space to park even two wheelers. Due to the increasing traffic pressure, the main road is becoming narrow due to encroachment on the road. Due to which the market system is deteriorating. Under such circumstances, it is becoming very difficult for the permanent shopkeepers there to do business. Due to which business activities are hindered. The situation gets even worse during festivals. Due to which it becomes difficult to even walk. The main market of the city is becoming a victim of the bad system. To solve the problem, a demand was made to shift the footpath shops to the Hawkers Zone or elsewhere. So that the traffic on the main road becomes easy. Many times there is a dispute between the shops and the customers on the footpath. Which is becoming a serious problem.

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At the time of the memorandum, Paras Asrani, Prasannasaraf, Ritesh Pamnani, Nikhalesh Rahadwani, Ishu Jain, Raja Israni, Kamal Pamnani, Akash Pamnani, Virendra Bedi, Shyam Sihare and other traders were present.

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Invoices deducted for encroachers

After the traders gave a memorandum to the NAPA, the NAPA also warned and along with the police, action was taken against the shopkeepers who spread the goods of the shop on the road and obstructed the traffic. The municipal staff along with the police took challan action. On the directions of Superintendent of Police Abhijit Ranjan, a joint team of Municipality and Police visited the main roads of the city and took action against the encroachment shopkeepers and challans of more than 22 shopkeepers were deducted. Along with driving action, the shopkeepers were also advised by the team and their goods were also made inside. The cooperation of the traders was sought in maintaining the order of the city. Mandla SDOP Ashwini Kumar, CMO municipality Pradeep Jharia, Kotwali police station in-charge Nilesh Dohra, traffic in-charge, municipality staff and police force were present in the action.

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