Man uses Eliana’s name to enter SBT and is assaulted by app driver for not paying ride

A man had a “perrengue” when trying to use the name of Eliana to enter SBT, last Friday (01/07), but ended up being assaulted by an app driver when he didn’t pay the ride, according to the website Extra.

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The alleged fan of the presenter told the station’s security that Eliana would have called him to meet the studio. The man was eventually stopped by officials and tried to return home.

The driver, however, charged for the one-way race, but the boy claimed he had no money, being pulled out of the vehicle, kicked and kicked. The station’s employees then saw the man lying unconscious for the cameras.

The professionals provided aid to the alleged injured Eliana fan and contacted SAMU and the Civil Police. The man was taken to a hospital in the region and an occurrence was registered so that the driver had his identity determined.

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