Man of Steel: Zack Snyder recounts Henry Cavill’s first steps in Superman costume

By choosing Henry Cavill to play Superman in the DCEU, Warner Bros. Studios and DC Comics hit the nail on the head. Whether or not we appreciate the bias and artistic choices of Man of Steel, we must admit that the British actor seems almost born to play the hero from Krypton. He knows how to interpret all the strength and charisma of Kal-El, with the touch of humanity and sensitivity that is unique to the hero. A perfect cast therefore, which seemed to be as evident from the first tests of Henry Cavill in the costume of the Man of Steel.

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Photo of Henry Cavill’s first costume test for Man of Steel, shared by Zack Snyder in 2016 – Credit (s): Zack Snyder

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Zack Snyder, the director of Man of Steel, returned to the actor’s very first appearance in the outfit of Superman “When you see the costume on the ground it’s a little withered, it’s only Lycra, you’re like ‘Oh my god, that won’t look good.’ Henry put it on in his trailer. a version of that story that says he walked out saying ‘I’m Superman’ and we were like, ‘Okay, it’s Halloween.’ But when Henry came out, even the stagehands we hired for it. ‘occasion became silent. Everyone was very serious. He just had the right energy. We were like,’ Oh, he’s Superman. That’s what Superman looks like. ‘

An enthusiasm finally shared by many fans, and which has something to make even more perplexed by the choices of the studios about this version of Superman. In fact, it has been several years since the project Man of Steel 2 appears to be on hiatus, and the official Snyderverse ending doesn’t bode well for the character’s future. No one really knows what the Warner plans to do with this Clark Kent played by Henry Cavill, or even if he really has a chance of one day reappearing in the DCEU. The only thing spectators can cling to are rumors of his potential return, and the optimism of his interpreter who claims to have kept his cape under his elbow. Hopefully the studios will know how to make the right decision. In the meantime, fans of Henry Cavill will be able to find him on Netflix, in the series The Witcher.

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