Man is sentenced to death for taking "Round 6" on flash drives to South Korea, says website

A man took flash drives with the South Korean series, Round 6, from Netflix, to enter North Korea and was sentenced to death after selling the objects with the contents. The streaming platform does not operate in the country, which is why the man took the series illegally.

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Authorities managed to reach the boy after seven students were caught watching the production, which attributed him to the broadcast of the content, according to the American broadcasting group, Radio Free Asia. Out of China, the flash drives were illegally shipped to North Korea.

The person responsible for selling the pen drives will be executed by a firing squad. The student who bought one of the storage devices was sentenced to life in prison, in addition to six other students who also watched the series, who can spend five years in forced labor.

At the school where Round 6 was attended, staff and teachers were fired and will be relocated to “remote mines” jobs.

The production tells the story of people with financial difficulties who accept to participate in a championship, with deadly children’s games, hoping to win the billionaire prize. The series has become one of the biggest watched content on the platform.

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