Man in serious condition after CO poisoning in Koekelberg

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The emergency services received a call, Wednesday evening around 10:45 p.m., for a suffering man, avenue Hoegaarden in Koekelberg. When paramedics entered the victim’s apartment, their CO detector went off immediately. Paramedics notified the fire department, opened the windows and removed the almost unconscious victim. The inhabitant was in serious condition. He was taken to hospital by a team from SMUR.

“The cause of the poisoning was clearly the lit brazier in the living room,” said Walter Derieuw. “All the windows were closed, so combustion gases had accumulated in the room.” The apartment has central heating, so there was, a priori, no reason to light a fire.

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The firefighter’s spokesperson reminds us of the basic rules to avoid any CO poisoning accident: install compliant heating devices and have them checked regularly, provide good evacuation of combustion gases, provide good ventilation, and do not forget to ventilate the rooms. It is also helpful to be alert to CO alerts from the MRI.

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