Man finds out that he will be a grandfather for the first time and his reaction moves the networks

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at the gates of Father’s day, a young woman decided to surprise her father in a unique way that he will never forget and not precisely because of the early gift he gave him, but with something much more special. A man found out that he will be a grandfather for the first time and his reaction moves social networks. The video of the announcement was posted on TikTok.

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User Eliza Coronel (@elizacoronel27) brought the whole family together and took the opportunity to tell his father that he had a present for him. The young woman invited him to sit on the sofa and she acted after she handed him a mysterious box. The man thought it was some present or article of clothing, but his surprise was great when he opened it.

What was inside? A ultrasound. The father could not contain his emotion and broke down in tears knowing that he will become a grandfather. According to Eliza, everyone in her family knew the news long before, but they kept the secret “under lock and key” until she decided to officially announce it.


The best part is my husband crying 🥹🤣

♬ Where are we going – Morat

“Everyone knew and only my dad was missing. We all cry with so much emotion.” wrote Eliza, who had a big hug with her father. A detail that caught the attention of the users was the reaction of her partner, sitting next to her, who also cried when she saw them.

As expected, the video was well received and Internet users were quick to react to the emotional images. “Your husband will be a great dad”, “Crying for strangers is my passion”, “Grandpa crying like a baby”, are some of the comments that can be read. The clip is a trend in Mexico.

How to announce the arrival of a baby to grandparents?

  • Personalize a baby bodysuit.
  • Use a pacifier with a note.
  • Frame the ultrasound.
  • Write an “official” letter.
  • Give them a coupon.
  • He hides some booties in his house.
  • Wrap diapers in a box.
  • With a very special cake.

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