Man (26) makes fatal fall while descending from Germany’s highest mountain, alpinist (31) makes fatal fall in France


A 26-year-old man died in a climbing accident in the Wetterstein Mountains in the German state of Bavaria. He fell from a ridge about 350 meters into steep and rocky terrain. A 31-year-old alpinist died in the French Alps.

gjsSource: BELGA

The 26-year-old and a peer were descending in wintry conditions from Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze, to another summit, the Alpspitze, on Saturday afternoon when he suddenly fell into the Höllental valley.

The man likely stepped on snow that collapsed under his weight, police say. The emergency doctor, who was taken to the scene of the accident with a rescue helicopter, could only pronounce the 26-year-old dead. According to the police, the climber was experienced and well equipped.

The Wetterstein Mountains are located in the Eastern Alps on the border between Bavaria and Austria.


A 31-year-old alpinist died on Saturday afternoon after falling several hundred meters down the French Belledonne massif. The young woman was part of a group of about ten people. She slipped on a ridge on the west slope of the 2,400-meter-high Grand Colon and fell 300 to 400 meters, a rescue worker said.

The emergency services went to the scene but were only able to determine the death of the woman. The other alpinists were taken to safety by helicopter.

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