Mamalev refuses to watch the “corrupt” World Cup, Dicho bets on Argentina

“For the first time in as long as I can remember, I won’t be watching the World Cup.”

This was stated by the beloved actor Georgi Mamalev. The “Orchestra With No Name” star has no interest in following the forum in Qatar, which began on Sunday. The reason – the corruption schemes of the former heads of FIFA and UEFA, Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini.

“I don’t like the World Cup in the winter. It’s another thing to watch a game in the summer with a beer in hand. It can’t be said that I’m boycotting it exactly, but it just doesn’t arouse the interest and enthusiasm that I felt years ago . People are used to the World Cup being in the warmer months. They make plans. And now everyone is busy, they have jobs and hardly feel like playing games all day. Of course, if there is a big derby between strong teams and attract attention, I will watch it,” Mamalev explained to “Bulgaria Dnes”.

The actor remembers his first World Cup – the one in 1962 in Chile, where Brazil with Pele triumphed. At the time, the actor was only 10 years old, but he watched the last matches of the World Cup on a small black-and-white TV.

“Then everyone said that Peleto would play. That’s what they called him in the village – recalls Mamalev. – That was the first time I heard about the King of Football. I have watched as many as 15 world championships,” adds Mamalev, who turned 70 a few months ago.

His colleague Gerasim Georgiev-Gero is keeping his fingers crossed for England at the World Cup. Yesterday, the “three lions” played their first match at the World Cup.

“I love English football. I like it. They play nice. That’s why I’m always for them. They’ll need luck to go very far in the championship. Until the quarter-finals I don’t think they’ll have any problems, but it’s still too early to it can be said. Not many matches have been played. It is not known what form the players are in. I expect the talent of England and “Manchester City” Phil Foden to explode. He is my favorite,” explained Gero to “Bulgaria Dnes”.

Gero is a big fan of football and never fails to keep a close eye on the biggest forums

Gero is a big fan of football and never fails to keep a close eye on the biggest forums

The presenter will try to watch as many matches as possible from the forum in Qatar despite his busy schedule. The actor is busy with productions every other day and it will be difficult to follow some of the fights. Gero does not find it strange that the World Cup is being held at the end of autumn and in an Arab country. “Everything has changed. Football has long been business and money. Sport is becoming mercantile. That’s where the world is going. There is nothing to be done,” adds the actor.

The face of “Like two drops of water” hopes that there will be surprises at the World Cup in Qatar, and not only that the favorites will win.

“I will be very happy if a small country achieves something big. For example, Serbia. I will be very upset if they beat one of the superpowers and turn the tables. Of course, Argentina and Germany should never be written off from the major championships, where they never you know what can happen”, analyzes the beloved comedian.

The musician Dicho bets that Argentina will become world champions. The former vocalist of the group D2 believes that Leo Messi should finally win the most significant honor in football.

“I always support Argentina. They are close to my heart. I even put money on them. At the European match, my wife and I bet 100 BGN that Italy would become the European champion, and we won. Now she also bet, but not on Argentina, but on another team “, Dicho told the newspaper.

Musician Dicho bets money on Argentina to win the World Cup

Musician Dicho bets money on Argentina to win the World Cup

The performer expects the European teams to be a serious competition to the favorites Brazil and Argentina. “Denmark and Portugal can go very far. In general, all European teams have a chance for the cup,” added the musician. Dicho has no problems with the fact that the World Cup is held at the end of the year. On the contrary, he likes the idea, he writes “Bulgaria Today”.

“Instead of standing outdoors, we will watch the matches at home with our relatives. The matches are at a convenient time and can be followed. I, as a person who works in the evening, will watch almost all the matches,” concluded Dicho.

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