Mama Silvia Wollny reveals: Lavinia’s baby is coming soon

Silvia Wollny (56) will soon be another grandmother. The mother of eleven now has a few grandchildren in her XXL rascals. In November, the head of the Wollnys family surprised the fans with this great news: She will soon be welcoming another grandchild into the world. A little later it turned out that it is daughter Lavinia (22) who is expecting a child for the first time. But when does Lavinia get that far?

One of the wanted that too Silvias Followers in one Instagram– Know the questionnaire. And indeed, Mama Lavinia and Grandma have to meet Silvia Do not wait long for the addition of the family. Your simple answer was: “In February”. Silvia but revealed another detail. Even Lavinia doesn’t know whether she’s expecting a girl or a boy. “The main thing is healthy,” explained Silvia.

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The 22-year-old seems to be enjoying her very first pregnancy to the full. Opposite to Promiflash at least she was just now explaining: “I’m fine, it’s very exciting and everything is new to me.” She can also obviously count on the support of her famous extended family: “Everyone is happy and there for one another. But that is what defines our family, we are a big team,” said Lavinia.

Silvia Wollny, TV-Star
Lavinia Wollny's ultrasound image

Instagram / lavinia.wollny

Lavinia Wollny’s ultrasound image
Tim Katzenbauer and Lavinia Wollny in November 2021

Instagram / lavinia.wollny

Tim Katzenbauer and Lavinia Wollny in November 2021

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