Maluma posts nude in the pool and lets out private part in photo: ‘An anaconda’. Look!

Maluma decided to show off her tattoos and ripped body in nude photos by the pool. The Colombian singer, who has had a romance in the past with Anitta, with whom he may even have dated, had the help of a female hand to cover his private parts and not show too much. “I hardly ever meet a female photographer,” he teased.

But despite the care taken to preserve his privacy, Maluma, even unintentionally (or not!), ended up showing too much. In the third click posted by the singer, part of his genitals can be seen by the reflection of the water. And he did not go unnoticed by the artist’s fans, who were thrilled with the alleged carelessness.

“See the last photo and zoom in on the water. You’re welcome, friends”, warned a more attentive internet user. “I thought it was just in my mind,” another follower laughed. “Fortunately, I’m not the only one who sees something in the last photo. My God, this has gone from a small fish to an anaconda”, compared an internet user. “He’s a great swimmer,” joked another. “Tasty is not enough”, shot another. See the photo in the gallery above!

Iran Malfitano appears naked in a photo and intimate tattoo steals the show

In a recent post, Iran Malfitano recalled a completely nude shoot he did in the past. In the click, the actor appears sideways, covering the private parts, but showing the body from the side and the tattoo of a dragon that he has on the side of the thigh to the butt.

The click, full of sex appeal, drew praise from the artist’s followers and also from Iran’s girlfriend, Bárbara Borges, with whom he began a relationship after the end of the reality show “A Fazenda 14”, when they met again after having already acted together in the past. “A photo show for everyone to go crazy! Tasty of my life, baby”, praised the former paquita, winner of the TV Record program.

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